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Khalid graduated from the same high school as Madonna and used to live with a Jamaican Queen, but he has always and will forever worship at the church of Björk.


Tires. to commemorate Amy Winehouse with revival show

  This week marks five years since the death of acclaimed English neo-soul singer Amy Winehouse. In that time, her legacy has reverberated not only in the documentary films and longform features about her life, but also in the many artists who have been influenced by her distinctive sound. Most of all, however, is the…


Ohtis — “Runnin'” | DMM Premiere

  “The expression you were wearing of emotional pain / Like anybody struggling to keep themselves sane.” Thus begins “Runnin,” the latest track from the peripatetic indie folk duo Ohtis, but the narrator’s detached intonation is worlds away from the anguish the object of his gaze must be experiencing.   This first single from the…


Inaugural Corktown STRUT festival to feature 50+ music acts

  Summer in the Motor City has long been bookended by major music festivals: Movement Electronic Music Festival over Memorial Day Weekend — joined this year by the first (and maybe last) Trip Metal Fest — and Labor Day Weekend’s choice of either Detroit Jazz Festival, Arts Beats & Eats, or the Hamtramck Labor Day…


Richie Hawtin — From My Mind to Yours

  In 1990, Richie Hawtin founded the Plus 8 record label along with fellow DJ John Acquaviva. The two second-wave Detroit techno artists initially released their own work, as well as that of other local musicians like Kenny Larkin. Soon the imprint crossed over to Europe, where rave culture and hardcore techno’s faster tempos reigned supreme. In Rotterdam,…

Taxon Clade — “Dance with Me” | DMM Premiere

  Love has often been compared to a drug, whose addictive qualities not only uplift but also unsettle the spirits of someone in its grips. But it’s rare to hear a condition both as universal and as all-consuming as love likened to an object as mundane as a… glove? But Detroit soul-pop trio Taxon Clade…

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