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Khalid graduated from the same high school as Madonna and used to live with a Jamaican Queen, but he has always and will forever worship at the church of Björk.


Interview: Shady Groves

  In a year riddled with the loss of so many musical icons and titans — Bowie, Haggard, Prince, Cohen — it felt perverse to see so many publications eager to throw a whole genre onto the funeral pyre. But that seemed to be the fate befalling indie rock, as countless thinkpieces abounded on the…


Danny Brown — Atrocity Exhibition

  The first sound we hear on Danny Brown’s Atrocity Exhibition recalls nothing so much as it does the eerie slide guitar riff from the title sequence to the show Breaking Bad, which creator Vince Gilligan initially pitched as “a story about a man who transforms himself from Mr. Chips into Scarface.” By series end,…


DSO announces “reimagined” venue and strolling concert event

  The Detroit Symphony Orchestra continues to demonstrate its commitment to diverse programming and innovative cultural experiences with two recent announcements. Last week, the organization introduced the Peter D. & Julie F. Cummings Cube, a revamped performance space that also marks the beginning of new programming stream for the Max M. & Marjorie S. Fisher…


Interview: ONEFREQ

  It’s one of those torrid August evenings in Detroit, when the sweat lodge-like atmosphere refuses to relent even when dusk approaches. Humidity scales epic levels, temperatures ascend to near-scorching, and the air itself seems heavier from soaking in all those rays. Hard to imagine that in six months, the steam rising from the sunbaked…


Motown-themed animated series arriving soon on Netflix

  Fans of animation and Motown should get ready for their next binge-watch marathon, as Netflix has ordered a new kids series that combines the two.   According to a Netflix press release, the untitled animated project will be set to classic tunes from the Berry Gordy label and is the brainchild of writer-director Josh…

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