Bonny Doon Long Wave video

Bonny Doon release “Long Wave” video, new album

  Adding to their lackadaisical mystique, Bonny Doon’s new video features idyllic countryside and band members lolling about. The song is “Long Wave,” taken from the band’s brand new LP of the same name. The video is an apt visual accompaniment, elevating the most contemplative qualities of the band’s music and this song in particular….


Bonny Doon release single, announce new album Longwave

  With their self-titled debut (DMM’s seventh favorite album of 2017), Bonny Doon introduced listeners to their penchant for wandering melodies and poetic lyricism. Now the band have announced a follow-up album, Longwave, to be released March 23 via their new label home Woodsist (Real Estate, Kevin Morby, Woods). Given Bonny Doon’s steadfast guitar lines…


The Year in Music 2017: Detroit’s 10 Best Albums

One word comes to mind when looking back at Detroit’s music projects of 2017: variety. Unlike other cities celebrated for their musical specialities, Detroit is home to countless genres, sounds, and communities — all distinct, yet part of the same ecosystem. This year, full-length albums, mixtapes, and EPs demonstrated the capacity to which artists are…


The Year in Music 2017: Detroit’s 10 Best Tracks

It didn’t seem possible, but 2017 was plenty worse than 2016 for most people. But if there was one area that remained consistently great, it was the quality of Detroit’s musical output. This year saw a bevy of tracks that pushed the envelope, connected traditions and styles, or just made us get on our feet…


Video7 showcase their spirit of collaboration at Cable Nite 004

  The work of Detroit’s Video7 comprises a wide range of influences drawn from hip-hop, R&B, jazz, and electronic music, rounded out by visual elements by the likes of GOODSTEPH and Cy Abdelnour. Though it could be argued that any collective is more than the sum of its parts, Video7 stand apart by showcasing the…