Bonny Doon release "Long Wave" video, new album Bonny Doon release "Long Wave" video, new album

Bonny Doon release “Long Wave” video, new album


Adding to their lackadaisical mystique, Bonny Doon’s new video features idyllic countryside and band members lolling about. The song is “Long Wave,” taken from the band’s brand new LP of the same name. The video is an apt visual accompaniment, elevating the most contemplative qualities of the band’s music and this song in particular. “You are who you’re supposed to be / You are who you’re supposed to be,” singers Bill Lennox and Bobby Colombo chant repeatedly, a free meditation session for aimless individuals. You can watch the whole thing below.


Bonny Doon also just released their whole “Long Wave” LP, which you can also stream below as well. Purchase via Woodsist, the group’s Bandcamp page or at the multitude of record stores in our fair city.






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