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Interview: Growwing Pains

  Growwing Pains’ debut “17 Songs About the Same Girl” is chock-full of raucous garage-rock burners that all seem to be on the brink of collapse.    17 Songs was released last winter on Urinal Cake Records, a label known for showcasing the best bands in the Detroit scene. But Growwing Pains aren’t stopping there,…


Interview: Carl Craig

      Carl Craig is one of the most influential artists in the history of techno music.    The Detroit-native has been an active DJ and producer since 1989, and was nurtured by Detroit techno royalty, such as the “Bellville Three:” Derrick May, Juan Atkins and Kevin Saunderson. Craig reinvented the art of electronic…


Interview: Golf Clap

  Golf Clap is a Detroit-based house duo that specializes in deep bass, after after-party soundtracks, and golf culture style.   Hugh Cleal and Bryan Jones have performed more than 150 shows within the last year, were awarded “Best Electronic Artist in Detroit” by former print-weekly Real Detroit Weekly in 2014, and are resident royalty…


Interview: DEATH

    Death is Detroit-rock’s greatest underdog story.   Founded in 1971 by Detroit-native brothers David, Dannis and Bobby Hackney, Death’s music is the product of classic rock influences, stubborn determination and a well-documented and triumphant rediscovery. The band’s debut album, For the Whole World to See, was recorded in 1974, yet remained somewhat unheard until…


Interview: Flint Eastwood

    Flint Eastwood is the muse of Detroit’s Spaghetti Western soundtrack.   The four-piece rock group (currently seeking a bass player) has become known for live-show antics, Western-inspired style and vibrant vocal sounds. Jax Anderson (vocals/guitar), Bryan Pope (guitar/vox) and Mark Hartman (drums) make-up one of Detroit’s most unforgettable live acts – with powerful melodies, passionate fans…


Interview: GRiZ

Detroit electronic artist/producer Grant Kwiecinski (aka GRiZ) is at the forefront of musical synthesis. His mixture of electronically-produced dance music, jazz, blues, soul and rock has birthed an unrivaled signature sound, and a growing contribution to the digital-music community. The former MSU student has spent his recent years touring the country, releasing free music online…


Interview: DJ Mo Beatz

    DJ Mo Beatz is Detroit’s faction of the infamous Heavy Hitters DJ crew. He is most well-known for his turntable dexterity, his long-time position at Detroit radio station FM98 WJLB and his role as Big Sean’s official DJ.   The well-traveled DJ’s daily show on FM98 WJLB accompanies Detroit’s rush hour traffic: the…


Interview: Ben Blackwell

  Ben Blackwell is Detroit-rock’s renaissance man.   As a drummer for the highly-acclaimed Detroit garage-rock band, The Dirtbombs, Blackwell has been instrumental in Detroit’s rock culture evolution, and the rebirth of Detroit garage-rock.   Blackwell is also the sole founder of Cass Records (which has released records by The Muldoons, The Black Lips and…


Interview: Black Milk

    Black Milk is Detroit’s super producer.   Beginning with a production credit with Slum Village in 2002, Black Milk has become an international name in the world of production, lyrical composition and artistic collaborations.      Black has worked with Detroit artists such as: Elzhi and Slum Village, J Dilla, Nick Speed, Phat Kat,…

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