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Headlining Events: January 2016

With 2015 in the books, we’re ready to start 2016 with a bang. We hope your resolution involves going to more shows and listening to new music. With that in mind, here’s our shortlist of events we recommend checking out this month.       Secret Friends Fest 3 Friday, January 8 – Sunday, January 10 7:30…


The Year in Music 2015: Detroit’s 10 Best Albums

The mark of a great album is always a balance between cohesion and contrasts. This natural push and pull between unity and diversity draws a listener closer and more articulately paints the big picture. Artists who have mastered the strategy behind music-making, production, promotion, and release often see their work celebrated for more than their…

The Year in Music 2015: Contributors’ Lists

This week we posted our lists of Detroit’s Best Albums and Tracks of 2015. Here, we present our contributors’ individual lists.     Dan Jones Albums 1. Tunde Olaniran: Transgressor 2. JR JR: JR JR 3. Gosh Pith: Window 4. Guilty Simpson: Detroit’s Son 5. Flint Eastwood: Small Victories 6. Britney Stoney: Native 7. Seraphine…


The Year in Music 2015: Honorable Mentions

Detroit’s boundless creativity meant there was a surfeit of memorable releases in 2015. It’s a good predicament to be in, but when compiling our publication’s choices for the top 10 albums of the year, we had to leave many solid records off the table. The following list highlights works that our staff members feel stood…


The Year in Music 2015: Detroit’s 10 Best Tracks

Everyone knows that Detroit has an unparalleled musical tradition. From Motown soul and pulsing techno to unapologetically loud garage rock and everything in between, we have been the starting point for multiple genres and the benchmark for many more. We are a historically musical city and have maintained that well into the twenty-first century. Our…


The Year in Music 2015: Detroit’s 10 Best Videos

Nothing stops Detroit, as is evident by the plethora of amazing musical offerings from the city this past year. The city has always had a reputation as an industrial behemoth, its successes and failures dependent on notions of innovation and toughness. This drive bleeds into the arts and culture as well, with the rise of…

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