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Jack White announces break from live performing

Just three days after a career-spanning set at Coachella, Jack White has announced that he will take a break from live performing.


Carl Craig and Green Velvet create Unity

Detroit techno legend Carl Craig and Chicago house heavyweight Green Velvet have teamed up for a new collaborative album.


Interview: Valley Hush

Producer Alex Kaye and vocalist Liana Vanicelli are Valley Hush, a Detroit-based experimental indie pop act.


Detroit techno documentary High Tech Soul reissued on DVD

High Tech Soul: The Creation of Techno Music, a documentary filmed in 2006, has long been an important document in archiving the history of techno.


Eminem to release 10-LP vinyl box set

Eminem has announced another commemorative tip-of-the-hat to his 15-year-old Shady Records label.




  • Interview: Valley Hush

    2 months ago

      Producer Alex Kaye and vocalist Lianna Vanicelli are Valley Hush, a Detroit-based experimental indie pop act whose music exudes a mystical enlightenment beyond their years but still exhibit a down-to-earth charm in person.

  • Interview: Far Off Sounds

    3 months ago

      “Music is the universal language of mankind.” This line out of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s Outre-Mer from 1835 seems as old as time itself but has been misquoted often enough that its sentiment rings hollow.

  • Interview: Gosh Pith

    6 months ago

        Gosh Pith is a young electronic duo that dabbles in the psychedelic and the soulful. Their self-proclaimed “cosmic-trap” seems to originate in the forgotten corner of the basement, where all the good stuff is stowed away.

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