Daily Archives: October 29, 2014


Jamaican Queens share trailer for new Right Brothers video

  If it weren’t for the credits splashed across the screen in a font reminiscent of pulp magazines or midcentury adventure novels, you might think the trailer below were for an upcoming foreign film destined for the arthouse circuit. But what you’re actually watching is a teaser of the video for “Bored + Lazy,” the new…


Eminem shares artwork and tracklist for Shady XV

  Nearly two months after announcing the upcoming release of a compilation album, Shady XV, Eminem took to Instagram and shared the artwork for the double-LP. Now the Detroit rapper has posted the tracklist for the project, which will comprise one disc of the greatest hits from the Shady Records label and one disc of new music — not only from…


Interview: Gosh Pith

    Gosh Pith is a young electronic duo that dabbles in the psychedelic and the soulful. Their self-proclaimed “cosmic-trap” seems to originate in the forgotten corner of the basement, where all the good stuff is stowed away.   Consisting of Josh Smith and Josh Freed, Gosh Pith has received national acclaim for their first single, “Waves,”…