Daily Archives: August 19, 2015


EOTO: I Don’t Think We’re in Boulder Anymore

  Detroit is well-known for being a melting pot of musical styles. From Motown and funk to rock and techno, our residents have celebrated fusions between genres that yield innovative new sounds. This week, the Boulder-based electronic jam band EOTO bring their unique style of dance rock to the Motor City. Detroit Music Magazine had…


Traffic Jam & Snug to host live adaptation of Harry Nilsson’s “The Point”

  As part of Traffic Jam & Snug’s bi-weekly “Improv Night,” the Midtown restaurant will host a live adaptation of Harry Nilsson’s animated musical The Point, on Wednesday, August 19.   The Point, which originally aired as an ABC “Movie of the Week” in 1971, is the product of singer/songwriter Harry Nilsson and animator Frank Wolf’s psychedelically-charged children’s…