D12 welcome you to Fair Osborn High in "Steel Ill" video D12 welcome you to Fair Osborn High in "Steel Ill" video

D12 welcome you to Fair Osborn High in “Steel Ill” video



D12 returned to the scene in 2015 with The Devil’s Night Mixtape: Reloaded, proving Detroit’s Dirty Dozen are still a forced to be reckoned with. This week, they released a full-length video for their track “Steel Ill,” produced by none other than Mr. Porter. The piece is more than a music video, at times stopping altogether and switching into extended sketches.


The action takes place at “Fair Osborn High,” and the video features Bizarre, Kon Artis (Mr. Porter), Kuniva, Swifty McVay, Denaun, and more as various students and faculty of the fictitious school. While Eminem was not featured on this track and does not star in the video, Bizarre and the rest of the collective’s oddball humor permeates the clip. The bars between missing class, getting suspended, teen pregnancy, selling rocks, and even taking shots at Drake’s “Hotline Bling” prove that the supergroup are very much “Steel Ill.”


Watch the video for “Steel Ill” below:”





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