Omar-S releases free two-track EP

Omar-S releases free two-track EP



Don’t ever turn your back on Omar-S. Blink and the underground techno/house producer’s likely to have dropped a crispy new release. That’s what happened just a few days ago, when an untitled EP popped up in Resident Advisor’s email without warning, where it is available for free download.


The two tracks, “Party Marty” and the appropriately named “Muggy Detroit Heat,” are right in Omar-S’s wheelhouse. Steely keys and four-on-the-floor beats make for a bounce that screams “summer in Detroit.” The producer recorded the whole thing in his backyard using Roland Boutique synths — miniature recreations of Roland’s classic ’80s line. The first song was mixed by fellow Detroiter Norm Talley, while Omar-S mixed the second song himself.


Stream Omar-S’s free EP below: