Jeff Mills launches Axis Audiophile Series Jeff Mills launches Axis Audiophile Series

Jeff Mills launches Axis Audiophile Series



Rapidly adding to his already immense collection of original material, Detroit techno pioneer Jeff Mills has recently announced an audiophile offshoot of his own label Axis Records. The project is called the Axis Audiophile Series, which will be “mastered for high-fidelity sounds” and specifically cut to 180 gram virgin vinyl at 32-bit/48kHz.


The first release, entitled Kobe Session, is due next month and will feature a live recording of Mills’ electronic-jazz fusion quartet Jino Ohno Mitchell Mills, who played their first two shows last September in Tokyo and Kobe, Japan. Mills also plans to release his new solo LP Free Fall Galaxy, the ninth chapter of his “science-fiction story” Sleeper Wakes, in late June.


Check out the tracklists for both releases below and read our interview with Jeff Mills here:



Kobe Session
A1 ‘Eventide’
A2 ‘Introductions’ (MC/translator: Masaaki Ishizaki)
B ‘Happy Gamma Ray’

Free Fall Galaxy
01. ‘Medians’
02. ‘The Hunter’
03. ‘Gravitational Lensing’
04. ‘Inner Synthesis’
05. ‘Solar Crossroads’
06. ‘Transformation In the Virgo Constellation’
07. ‘The Hunted’
08. ‘Rabid Star Clusters’
09. ‘Tri-angularism’
10. ‘Spectroscopic’
11. ‘Entering (The Free Fall Galaxy)’
12. ‘Irreversible Elliptic Orbits’
13. ‘Aurora’




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