Gosh Pith’s “K9” feels like a drunken night out at the club

Gosh Pith’s “K9” feels like a drunken night out at the club



Detroit-based indie electro-pop duo Gosh Pith have long described their sound as “cosmic trap,” but with Josh Freed and Josh Smith’s second single off their forthcoming Gold Chain EP, that characterization has never seemed more apt. Through the thrum of “K9″‘s, indeed, trap-inspired bass synths and skittering snares, you can make out the alien texture of a reverb-soaked guitar underpinning the whole operation.


As Freed’s quasi-ambient production floats past like dab hits in the VIP booth, Smith follows suit on vocals, exploring territory that is equal parts bedroom R&B and raps that would sound at home in the club. Urgent yet at ease, “K9″‘s dreamscape encourages us to fall in love in the darkened corners of the dancefloor. The track ends just like a drunken night out — our eyes flutter, and we may be unable to piece together what just happened, knowing only that we enjoyed the hell out of it.


Gold Chain comes out on February 26 via B3SCI. Listen to “K9” below: