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Double Winter — Double Winter



Being from this great mitten-shaped piece of land has its ups and downs. On the plus side, you can impress non-Michiganders by using the palm of your hand to explain basic geography. Then of course there are the majestic Great Lakes, providing natives with beautiful beaches in the summer and horrendous lake effect snowstorms in the winter. You can definitely see why Jack White escapes to Tennessee whenever he can.


The tunes on Double Winter’s aptly titled Double Winter EP are lost in the storm, surrounded by blinding white flurries. They take the listener to a sort of magical place, conjured up by witches, not fairies. It feels like they have to potential to explode into the clamoring guitar lines associated with classic psych rock, but they’re kind of over it.


The band explore aspects of surf rock (“Fall On Your Face”), but it sounds like they’d much rather be submerged underwater. The third and final song, “Howlin,” showcases violinist Augusta Morrison quite nicely. Reminiscent of the cacophonous string work by John Cale on “Venus in Furs,” it provides the perfect backdrop for the message Double Winter gives the listener: “What do you say when it’s time to hideaway?”


If this is what isolation feels like, bring on that blizzard.



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