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The Year in Music 2015: Detroit’s 10 Best Albums

The mark of a great album is always a balance between cohesion and contrasts. This natural push and pull between unity and diversity draws a listener closer and more articulately paints the big picture. Artists who have mastered the strategy behind music-making, production, promotion, and release often see their work celebrated for more than their…

The Year in Music 2015: Contributors’ Lists

This week we posted our lists of Detroit’s Best Albums and Tracks of 2015. Here, we present our contributors’ individual lists.     Dan Jones Albums 1. Tunde Olaniran: Transgressor 2. JR JR: JR JR 3. Gosh Pith: Window 4. Guilty Simpson: Detroit’s Son 5. Flint Eastwood: Small Victories 6. Britney Stoney: Native 7. Seraphine…

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